Deer looking out of a treeline Closeup of a young buck looking out into the distance

Domines Deer Processing

Venison is a healthy meat and always makes for a delicious meal. The road to a fresh and delicious meal requires care in the processing and preparation of the deer meat. At Domines Deer Processing, we handle your deer carefully and with over 30 years of experience provide you with tasty cuts of venison meat that all will enjoy. A deer meat’s quality is a dependent upon the deer’s age, sex and diet.

Domines Deer Processing offers deer meat processing services at a single location. Bring in your deer and leave it for processing. All of the processed deer meat is frozen, wrapped for freshness and then boxed. All cuts are ready to be picked up at the same time, even the sausages. This means no second trips to pick up the remaining meats. Domines Deer Processing also provides optional refrigeration storage during Wisconsin's inclement weather. Domines stores your meat at the proper temperatures keeps its flavor longer and stays fresher.

Domines also works with local taxidermists in southeastern Wisconsin. Just ask for a referral and we’ll give you a couple to check out. The taxidermist will pick up your hide from Domines thus saving you another trip during the process.

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Deer Processing Hours

November 1st - December 20th
Daily 4:30pm - 7:00pm
Gun Deer Season
Daily 8:00am - 7:00pm
Available Year Round By Appointment